Education for Youth

The Tulare County Historical Society (TCHS) strongly encourages the youth of Tulare County to take an interest in history—especially local history. We believe the study of history is not only necessary and worthwhile to be good citizens, but we also believe it can be fun.

One way for youth to be involved in history is through National History Day—Tulare County, administered by the Tulare County Office of Education (TCOE). TCHS is an annual sponsor for the event, providing financial scholarships to students and judges for the competition.

An exciting experience in history this year was History Day Tuesday, February 21st at the Tulare County Department of Education, 6200 South Mooney Blvd. in Visalia.  You would be amazed at what Tulare County Students are learning!
Tulare County Historical Society is a major sponsor, giving $2,000 in scholarships, and providing several judges.

After lunch the winners were announced and some were featured.  The keynote speaker, Ed Boersma, told of his family’s experience hiding Jews during World War II in Holland.

The  Department of Education always appreciates representatives of our Society being in attendance --  and those who attend are the real winners!

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Below are some photos from last year's event.


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